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Globe Media Group partners with CNN: event focuses on impact for advertisers

Globe Media Group recently partnered with CNN to expand its premium network of the world’s best news, business, and lifestyle sites. The integration of CNN enriches Globe Alliance, presenting advertisers and marketers with a wide range of premium opportunities tailored to diverse objectives. Globe Media Group serves as the exclusive representative for CNN, working with Canadian advertisers to utilize CNN’s digital and extensive video inventory in Canada.  

To mark their partnership, Globe Media Group hosted ‘An afternoon with CNN’ on February 28th at The Globe and Mail Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto. The event underscored how CNN’s robust presence in the Canadian market is a valuable resource for advertisers, offering unmatched reach and engagement.  

Andrew Saunders, President and CEO of The Globe and Mail, kicked off the event talking about CNN’s journalistic impact and how its purpose aligns with that of The Globe and Mail. He discussed how the partnership provides advertisers and marketers exciting opportunities to tap into CNN’s extensive audience of 165M multiplatform global unique visitors. Saunders noted that with CNN’s addition, Globe Alliance will reach over 21 million Canadians*, which is 65% of the Canadian digital population. 

Paula Newton, a highly respected and award-winning anchor and international correspondent for CNN then took the stage to deliver the keynote address. Her talk delved into the challenges presented by misinformation and underscored the pivotal role of news media in combatting it. CNN and The Globe share similar goals of fostering meaningful connections between brands and influential Canadian audiences. 

Emphasizing CNN’s position as a primary source for live, urgent, and essential content, Newton detailed the network’s rigorous verification processes. Newton also highlighted CNN’s unique engagement with Canadian audiences as the country’s #1 digital outlet among international news brands.  

Following the keynote address, Newton moderated an exciting panel discussion featuring speakers from CNN and The Globe and Mail. These included Rob Bradley, Senior Vice President, Digital Revenue, Strategy & Operations at CNN International Commercial (CNNIC), Faisal Karmali, Vice President of Digital Business Operations at CNNIC, Tracy Day, Managing Director of Creative Studio & Ad Innovation at The Globe and Mail, and Angela Murphy, Foreign Editor at The Globe and Mail.  

The panel explored the profound impact of the partnership and its implications for the broader media landscape. CNN is the world’s leading international news brand. As such, the collaboration offers advertisers and marketers incredible opportunities to extend their reach with unparalleled access to CNN’s global and Canadian audience. Through the partnership, The Globe and Mail also strives to offer advertisers opportunities to leverage CNN’s vast and top-tier video library. 

Building on this conversation, the panel also discussed the brand synergy between CNN and The Globe and Mail and explored issues of importance in media today. Topics ranged from strategies to combat misinformation to the phenomenon of news fatigue and news avoidance. Tracy Day noted that despite concerns about increasing apathy, a recent study by News Media Canada revealed that 83%** of Canadians read newspaper content weekly and trust the content they read in both print and digital formats.

The conversation extended to encompass the evolving business landscape and emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). Key insights emerged, including:  

  1. Established brands must embrace a mindset of change, remaining adaptable and open to disruption.  
  2. News organizations remain relevant even within social media, with younger audiences turning to trusted news sources when they need urgent and essential information.  
  3. Strategic use of tools like AI could enhance the effectiveness, intelligence, and accuracy of strategies already implemented by news organizations.  
  4. Trusted news organizations like CNN and The Globe and Mail will always have humans behind them, diligently verifying all the information new technologies provide. 

Following the panel discussion, there was a Q&A session that looked at strategies for maintaining audience engagement, the enduring role of purpose-driven marketing and emotionally compelling narratives, and the implications of the Online News Act.  

To learn more about the impact of the partnership between CNN and The Globe and Mail, click here

*Source: Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Oct-Dec 2023 (Q4) Average, Audience Duplication: [E] Globe Alliance and [C] CNN.COM

**News Media Canada, Newspapers 24/7 study, 2023. Note: 83% refers to the number of Canadians who read newspapers weekly


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