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Report on Business Magazine Advertisng Specifications

Welcome! On this page, you’ll find complete information to help build, prepare and upload your advertising for Report on Business magazine.

Need inspiration first? Explore our advertising formats gallery. For readership info and editorial calendar, please visit the Report on Business magazine page

If you need assistance, please refer to the FAQs or contact our production team – we’re happy to help!

ROB Magazine Advertising Specifications

Build your advertising

Standard Ad Formats

Ad TypeLiveTrimBleed
* must build as two separate pages (1⁄2 " bleed in gutter)
FULL PAGE7"w x 10"d7 7⁄8"w x 10 3⁄4"d8 1⁄8"w x 11"d
INSIDE FRONT COVER7"w x 10"d7 7⁄8"w x 10 3⁄4"d8 1⁄8"w x 11"d
INSIDE BACK COVER7"w x 10"d7 7⁄8"w x 10 3⁄4"d8 1⁄8"w x 11"d
OUTSIDE BACK COVER7"w x 10"d7 7⁄8"w x 10 3⁄4"d8 1⁄8"w x 11"d
1⁄3 PAGE VERTICAL2"w x 10"d2 1⁄4"w x 10 3⁄4"d2 1⁄2"w x 11"d
1⁄2 PAGE HORIZONTAL7"w x 4 15⁄16"d7 7⁄8"w x 5 3⁄8"d8 1⁄8"w x 5 5⁄8"d
1⁄3 PAGE HORIZONTAL7"w x 2 15⁄16"d7 7⁄8"w x 3 3⁄8"d8 1⁄8"w x 3 5⁄8"d
DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD14"w x 10"d15 3⁄4"w x 10 3⁄4"d16 1⁄2"w x 11"d *

Special Ad Formats

  • French Door Cover
  • Gatefold | 4 Page (interior)
  • Gatefold | 8 Page (interior)
  • Gatefold | 1/3 Cover
  • Gatefold | 6 Page

Insert Formats

  • Scent Strips
  • Business Reply Card
  • Single-Page Stitched-in Insert
  • Multi-Page Stitched-in Insert
  • Tip-in Insert



Packaging and receiving criteria for inserts supplied by the client

  • Inserts can be supplied either directly by the client or by the client’s supplier
  • A minimum of 2% must be added to the quantity for spoilage
  • Inserts must be delivered in good quality, uniform boxes, weighing a maximum of 35lbs, in a manner that keeps them from moving around
  • Boxes must be delivered on good quality standard size skids
  • 25 samples of each insert must be supplied to Report on Business magazine to:
    • Isabelle Cabral
    • The Globe and Mail Centre
    • 351 King Street East, Suite 1600 Toronto ON, M5A 0N1

The following information must appear on the delivery slip

  • Client’s name
  • Item or description of the content
  • Name of the magazine to be inserted into
  • Issue date
  • Quantity per box and total quantity
  • The information above must appear on each box

Insert Shipping Address

Transcontinental Printing, Imprimerie Interweb Inc. 1603 Montarville Blvd., Shipping & Receiving, Door 10 Boucherville QC J4B 5Y2
tel: 450-655-2801 fax: 450-655-0765
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm excluding holidays

Prepare your advertising

General Information

All colour ads should be accompanied by a proper dot generated colour proof that simulates the intended colour reproduction – without a proper colour proof, The Globe and Mail cannot ensure that the colour reproduces as the client intended or that it was prepared properly for magazine reproduction – a fax, .jpg, electronic PDF, or printout can only be used for content, not colour accuracy.

General requirements for PDF files

  • Optimized PDF_x1a with thumbnail preview
  • Output resolution set to 2400 dpi
  • No compression or resampling
  • Embed all fonts
  • Crop marks should be offset
  • All embedded art or images should be high resolution in CMYK (minimum 300 dpi)
  • No colour conversion and all colours should be defined as CMYK
  • Maximum ink density 280%
  • DPS ads must be set up as single pages. Any headline text crossing the gutter must stay clear of the fold by 1⁄4″ on both pages (total 1⁄ 2″ between words or characters )
  • We also accept Native Files. TIFF and EPS files need to be embedded or linked and collected with the document

Mechanical specifications

  • Saddle Stitched
  • Web offset printing
  • 133 Line Screen

Please follow our production requirements to make sure your creative will look its best in our magazine.

Need more information or have questions? Please contact:

Isabelle Cabral
Magazine Production Coordinator

Peter Bonyun
Manager, Production Operations

Deliver your advertising

FTP instructions

To submit your magazine ads to The Globe and Mail, please use our AdForward FTP via the links on this page.

FTP access

[themify_button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”#B5CFD9″ block=”true”]Using The Globe’s AdForward system[/themify_button]

[themify_button color=”#B5CFD9″ link=”” target=”_blank” block=”true”]AdForward > Report on Business magazine[/themify_button]



Is Bleed or Trim needed in creating an ad?

For Report on Business magazine, bleed is required.  Crop/Trim marks should be offset.  Trapping is not needed.

How should I supply my material for publication, RGB, LAB, Spot…etc?

For ROB Magazine, material will not be accepted if not supplied in the proper colour space. See our detailed information here for specifications.

Why do I have to supply material with an ink density under 280%?

Our paper can only absorb so much ink before it causes reproduction issues.  The maximum total ink density is 280% and material will not be accepted if it is over this level of ink coverage.

What kind of PDF should be submitted?

For Report on Business magazine, we need to receive press ready files, produced at a minimum 300DPI. Please submit optimized PDF-X1a files, with thumbnail preview.

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