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Globe Alliance expands their premium network through partnership with CNN

Globe Media Group is pleased to announce the inclusion of CNN into its premium digital network of the world’s best news, business, and lifestyle sites. 

The integration of CNN into Globe Alliance enriches its network, providing advertisers and marketers with premium opportunities tailored to diverse objectives. As the world’s #1 digital news outlet with 165M multiplatform monthly global unique visitors*, CNN Digital adds a sizeable audience to Globe Alliance.  

Marketers gain access to CNN’s extensive audience of educated and influential Canadians across various business sectors. CNN’s Canadian audience is highly engaged and spends significant time on its digital sites and video content including across key verticals such as CNN Business, CNN Style, CNN Travel and CNN Health. The partnership reinforces Globe Alliance’s mission to foster meaningful connections between brands and influential Canadian audiences across our carefully curated premium network.  

Globe Media Group will serve as the exclusive representative for CNN, working with Canadian advertisers to utilize CNN’s digital and extensive video inventory in Canada. With a robust presence, CNN’s involvement in the Canadian market proves to be a valuable resource for advertisers. Leveraging trusted journalism, strategic data utilization, and innovative ad formats, CNN effectively crafts client stories to engage target audiences across Canada. 

CNN achieves a substantial digital reach in Canada, with 8.9 million monthly unique visitors, equivalent to a 27% reach of Canadians**. Together, Globe Alliance and CNN would rank #1 in News and Information among English-language sites in Canada, reaching 20.5 million unique visitors, representing 62% of the total digital population***. This underscores CNN’s position as the top global source for news and information and as a provider of significant value to the Canadian market.  

Andrew Saunders, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Globe and Mail, said, “As we expand our digital network, this partnership reinforces our commitment to consistently providing value to our advertisers. CNN is recognized globally as a cornerstone for news and information. This important collaboration will amplify our reach and impact on influential Canadian audiences.”  

Tracy Day,Managing Director of Creative Studio and Ad Innovation at The Globe and Mail, reinforced this message, saying: “CNN shares our goal of fostering meaningful connections between brands and prominent Canadians. Their addition gives advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with a vast audience through some of the world’s most reputable websites. We’re thrilled to welcome CNN into Globe Alliance.”  

Rob Bradley, Senior Vice President, CNN International Commercial, added: “Becoming part of Globe Alliance is an exciting prospect for both CNN and the Canadian market. Working with The Globe and Mail, we will open up new opportunities for advertisers to reach our Canadian audiences and be aligned with premium content on our unique digital properties. Advertisers seeking quality content and audiences at scale need look no further.” 

 To learn more about how Globe Media Group and CNN are partnering to create opportunities for advertisers, please visit


 *Source: Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Total Digital Population, Custom-Defined List, August 2023, Global. Based on entity compared to a custom list of single brand competitors that are also in the News/Information Category. CNN Brand entity used prior to October 2018. 

**Source: Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Jul-Sep 2023 (Q3) Average, [C] CNN.COM 

***Source: Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Jul-Sep 2023 (Q3) Average, Audience Duplication: [E] Globe Alliance and [C] CNN.COM 

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