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Yearly travel outlook: insights from Globe readers

As summer approaches, more people are planning their travels, and Globe readers are no exception. With a range of destinations and vacation types in mind, we sought to understand our readers’ vacation preferences better, honing in on their plans for the year ahead.  

We turned to our Globe Insiders panel,  our engaged community of readers actively participating in targeted research initiatives, to learn about their dream destinations, ideal vacation types, planning methods, and booking processes. The research was conducted at the end of April and sought to explore our readers’ travel aspirations and habits, revealing insights into the next twelve months.  

Summer leads the pack 

8 in 10 Globe readers are gearing up to travel within the next twelve months. According to our survey, summer emerges as the top choice for travel, with 65% of respondents planning their getaways during the warm months. Following closely, 56% are considering fall vacations, while winter and spring each capture the interest of 31% of our readers. 

Where Globe readers plan to travel  

In the next twelve months, 64% of readers plan to travel within Canada, marking a slight 6-point decrease from last year’s Globe Insiders study. Ontario leads the pack as the most popular destination at 52%, followed by British Columbia (39%), Atlantic Canada (28%), the Prairies (24%), and Quebec (22%).  

Interest in international travel is rising, with 61% of readers planning trips abroad, a two-point increase from last year. The United States remains a popular destination, with 36% of respondents planning vacations there. Nearly half of readers (46%) have a travel bucket list, with the top ten picks being entirely international. Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are the most coveted destinations. 

Planning ahead: vacation prep 

Planning habits vary widely among our readers. While eight out of ten have already begun planning and researching their vacations as of the end of April, 53% have yet to book or pay. With the popular vacation months approaching and prices likely to rise, the pressure to lock in bookings is mounting. That’s likely why thirty-six percent of readers will book their vacation within the next three months (by the end of July).  

Despite the stressors of preparing for a vacation, only 19% began their vacation planning over 6 months ago. Interestingly, a significant number (21%) haven’t started planning at all.  

Weekend vacationers take their time  

Many are still in the early stages of planning a weekend getaway: 25% have yet to start, and 24% began only a few weeks ago. Nearly half of respondents (46%) will book their weekend getaway within the next three months (by the end of July).  

From inspiration to reservation  

When seeking travel inspiration, 22% of readers use print or digital newspapers for inspiration. The majority determine where to travel based on their personal experiences (61%), travel websites and apps (46%), or word-of-mouth recommendations (42%). This demonstrates the power of personal connections in travel planning – and signifies the need for creative strategies when appealing to a diverse audience that values print, digital, and human recommendations.  

For booking, 47% prefer using a specific hotel, resort, or airline brand’s website, 38% rely on third-party sites like Expedia,, or Airbnb, and 22% call to reserve directly with their hotel, airline, or resort of choice. While the clear trend is to book independently, a significant 15% still rely on travel agents.  

Unpacking travel preferences    

Globe readers are not monolithic in their travel preferences. Instead, they seek a range of experiences catering to their social connections, desire for cultural exploration, relaxation, and thirst for adventure. Nearly half of Globe readers are considering vacations to visit friends and relatives, while 40% want to explore a major metropolitan city. Other popular choices for the next twelve months include a cottage or chalet (25%), experiential travel (24%), and a beach resort or all-inclusive (23%). Readers also expressed the most interest in road trips (41%), followed by cruise or train vacations (35%) and experiential travel (34%). Over half intend to travel as a couple, with 21% travelling with family, 13% solo, and 12% with friends.  

 Short and sweet vs. long and luxurious  

Our readers might have different vacation interests, but one thing they share is how long they want their trips to be. Most respondents (73%) plan to have their next vacation last over five days. In comparison, only 23% plan on taking a weekend getaway. Interestingly, there is a significant overlap in planning for long and short vacations. Of those planning a weekend getaway next, a majority (69%) also plan to take at least one vacation of five or more days. Similarly, of those taking longer vacations of 5 or more days, 53% also intend to take at least one weekend getaway this year. 

The price of relaxation 

Vacations can be costly, and financial considerations often rank among the most stressful aspects of travel. Nearly one in three readers plan to pay over $5,000 on their next trip, while 43% anticipate spending over $3,000. For weekend getaways, 70% plan to spend up to $2,000. Longer vacations naturally come with higher expenditures, with half of respondents expecting to surpass the $5,000 mark for trips lasting over seven days.   


Every year, new trends emerge in travel. While most of our readers still favour domestic destinations, the demand for international travel is on the rise, fueled by a growing desire to explore new cultures and landscapes. However, Globe Insiders are driven by more than destinations; they are often motivated by travel to visit loved ones, affordability factors, and style of vacation experiences. However, one thing is clear. Whether it be the slow planner or ultra-ready prepper, most survey respondents plan to travel in the next twelve months, indicating a strong year ahead for the travel sector.   

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