From Amazonian secrets to TikTok sensation: The success story of Amarás

Learn from the incredible journey of Amarás, a Peruvian haircare brand that rose to prominence in just five weeks, capturing a double-digit share of the personal care aisle.


In just five weeks, Amarás, a Peruvian haircare brand, achieved remarkable success by capturing a double-digit share of the personal care aisle. It quickly became the best-selling conditioner and the third-leading brand in the category.

But how did this regional brand manage to compete against global beauty giants like P&G and Unilever? The answer lies in its unwavering focus on Peruvian women. From the formulation process that incorporated local Amazonian ingredients to advertising campaigns featuring Peruvian women, Amarás made sure to address the specific challenges posed by Latin American weather conditions.

By putting Peruvian women at the heart of every decision, Amarás disrupted the market and established itself as a formidable competitor, challenging the dominance of industry giants.

The session highlighted the journey of creating and launching the brand, the strategies employed, and the remarkable results achieved.

Here are the key elements from their winning approach:

Consumer-centric approach: The brand’s success was attributed to prioritizing the consumers and putting them at the heart of everything. Peruvian women felt heard and understood, as the brand was designed to address their specific needs and preferences.

Local ingredients and regional knowledge: Leveraging Peru’s rich biodiversity, the brand created more natural products that resonated with the Latin American consumer base. By embracing local ingredients and incorporating regional knowledge, Amarás differentiated itself from mass-market products.

Designing for personalization: Mass products often fail to create a personal connection with consumers. The brand’s focus on designing a product specifically targeted for Peruvian women allowed for a more personalized and meaningful experience, setting it apart from the competition.

Disrupting established players: The Peruvian haircare market was traditionally dominated by big industry giants. Amarás’ disruptive approach challenged the conventional way of developing products and marketing them in small countries like Peru. The brand’s success demonstrated that an alternative, consumer-centric approach could be highly effective.

Impressive results: The brand’s launch campaign, including a partnership with TikTok, garnered significant attention and engagement. With 240 million impressions and almost 14 million interactions, Amarás became known as the “TikTok shampoo brand.” Within months of its launch, the brand captured almost 10 percent of the market share, establishing itself as a major player in the industry.

Overall, the session highlighted the power of understanding and catering to consumers’ specific needs, leveraging local resources and challenging established norms to disrupt the market and achieve remarkable success.

Katherine Scarrow

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