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Cannes Lions 2024: Day 5 Wrap-Up

Cannes Lions might be over but it ended on an incredible high note as Canada captured it’s most wins ever at The Festival, with 66. As the festivities come to an end, we break down The Globe and Mail’s Canada Party, the Young Lions competition results and look ahead to Decoding Cannes. Follow our daily recaps, Q&A’s with industry execs, and festival breakdowns at Globe Media Group’s Cannes Lions hub

In this edition:

  • Festival Wrap-up Report
  • Young Lions winners announcement
  • Cannes Canada Party presented by The Globe and Mail
  • The Tokyo Toilet Project
  • How to create great B2B campaigns
  • Decoding Cannes Lions 2024 with Karen Howe

The Official Cannes Lions 2024 Wrap-Up Report

Click here to early access to The Official Cannes Lions 2024 Wrap-Up Report. The Wrap-Up Report distills insights, themes, and expertise from the Festival, and also explores the award-winning work of 2024. Spanning five content streams, this report provides an all-access view into the creative marketing moments that truly matter.

Young Lions Winners Announcement
This year at the Global Young Lions Competition, 448 Young Lions from 69 countries competed, judged by a distinguished panel of 38 jurors. The Young Lions competition is where the next generation of creative stars go head-to-head, providing an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their talent on a global stage. While Canada didn’t secure any medals this year, we proudly celebrated a shortlist in the Marketers category. Congratulations to Jenn Bailey and Nick Carson for this significant achievement!
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our young lions: Jordan Bloom, Benjamin Nusca, Charles Côté, Charles-Antoine Thériault, Gabriel Lafond, Alphée Lamothe, Sammy Lo, and Emma Lorenzi. Making it to the global stage is a remarkable accomplishment, and you should all be immensely proud. We are incredibly proud of you! A huge thank you to our dedicated Young Lions trainers Shannon Lewis, Karen Howe, Cathy Collier, Mary Maddever, Steve Levy, Susan Irving, and Aaron Nemoy, with special thanks to Mike Miura and Ryan Grippo. Your guidance and support have been invaluable.
What are the Young Lions Competitions?
The Young Lions Competitions are your chance to shine at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Following local competitions organized by Cannes Lions Festival Representatives, these events feature seven distinct themes but share a common structure. Upon arrival at the Festival, participants receive a brief from an NGO, charity, or company focused on a good cause. They then have just 24 hours to create and present a campaign to a jury of top-level creatives from leading agencies worldwide, selected from the Cannes Lions Shortlisting Jury. Only those who have won their local competitions are eligible to compete.
To learn more about the Canadian Competition, sign-up for our newsletter and be sure to follow Globe Media Group on social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, and X.
Cannes Canada Party presented by The Globe and Mail
On Thursday, June 20, The Globe and Mail hosted its annual Canada Party at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This highly anticipated event took place on the charming garden patio at the Hotel Martinez on the Croisette. The evening was a vibrant celebration of Canadian creativity and talent, bringing together close to 150 Canadians from across the country. Delegates enjoyed a night of networking and cocktails, fostering connections and sharing insights amidst the beautiful setting of the French Riviera.
The event was particularly special as it celebrated outstanding Canadian work that had garnered numerous awards throughout the week. This year was record-breaking for Canada, with an unprecedented number of Lions won by Canadian creatives. The evening also included toasts to the accomplishments of our Young Lions, recognizing their exceptional contributions and promising future in the industry. Additionally, we honoured our esteemed Canadian jurors, who were selected by the festival to judge the entries, acknowledging their critical role in the success of Canadian entries at Cannes. The Canada Party at Cannes Lions was a testament to the thriving and dynamic creative community in Canada.

The Story Behind Koji Yanai’s Oscar-Nominated Film

Koji Yanai and Takuma Takasaki, during their Cannes Lions Festival session, discussed the origin and creation of the Oscar-nominated film “Perfect Days,” which stemmed from the Tokyo Toilet Project aimed at revitalizing Tokyo’s public bathrooms to be accessible and inclusive for all. Yanai’s initial idea evolved from creating an exclusive product for the disabled community to designing public toilets for all. The film, directed by Wim Wenders, honoured the project’s cleaning crew and demonstrated that impactful art can effectively promote social initiatives.

How to Create Great B2B Campaigns

The Creative B2B Lions Jury highlighted the essential elements of successful B2B campaigns. Winning campaigns, such as VW Brazil’s Trucker Napp and JC Decaux’s Meet Marino Prieto, showcased innovative strategies and emotional connections. Read this article to discover some of the Key ingredients to creating award-winning B2B campaigns.

Decoding Cannes Lions 2024

2024 brought us some key themes worthy of decoding, but none bigger than the ascendancy of AI. AI gave impetus to much of the awarded work this year, such as Doritos Silent which featured a Doritos noise canceler for snacking gamer and Samsung’s Impulse used AI to aid stutterers.

Unquestionably the watershed session was with Elon Musk. He admits there is some probability that AI will annihilate humanity. It’s already threatening some advertising livelihoods. But the cheerful upside, according to Musk, is that AI will help us do more of what we want to do, faster and better. 

Humour is back and needed now more than ever (see previous paragraph). Laughter is a powerhouse for marketers in tough categories like insurance. 

Legacy media like billboards have been reinvented, they are no longer passive. One offered the ability to meet and adopt a dog in real time. 

Data was the backbone of “Pink Chip” that proved companies run by female CEOs outperformed others. Positive advocacy using creativity was present this year in a number of cases. Darker themes? The kids are not alright. Depression and social media are taking their toll on children. And women’s rights are under tremendous duress as seen through the Glass Lions cases tackling domestic violence, child brides and enforced reproductive in the US. 

How brands engage with gamers world has evolved in truly innovative ways from banking to raising money for charity.
Heritage brands like Heinz Ketchup and Lucky Charms have reinvented themselves. Coke let brand fans redo their logo and Heineken let them respell its name spelling – which really built their community. 

Dog are hot (of course they are). And creativity activists flexed their power in innumerable ways.
A final happy-making note: Canada had one of its best years ever at the podium. Congratulations to all who won, you know who are are. (Oh wait, so do we!) Thank you for defining our country as a truly global creative force.

For the full decode, please reach out to me or Globe Media GROUP for details. It will be an hour of inspiration and intel for your organization.

Cannes Lions 2024, that’s a wrap.

Karen Howe
Cannes Lions Advisory Board Member/Jury Coach/Young Lions Trainer
President | The Township Group

Follow us @globemediagroup on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay in the know.

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