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Cannes Lions 2024: Day 1 Wrap-Up

The 71st Cannes Lions Festival is here! The Globe is back with daily recap’s from Cannes Advisory Board member and Young Lions mentor, Karen Howe. Follow along for other session recaps, Q&A’s with industry execs, and festival breakdowns at Globe Media Group’s .  

In this edition: 

  • C-suite collaboration at McDonald’s
  • Entrepreneurship with John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and Kara Swisher
  • Four climate supertrends with Clean Creatives
  • AI and human creativity

  • Deepak Chopra and machines and minds 

Elevating c-suite collaboration with McDonald’s 

The opening today was the McDonald’s “Convince Your C-suite: The Real Impact of Creativity” session. I know, I know – creative cringe moment. Are we still having this conversation? However, a CFP and Global CMO were onstage, co-sharing the mantra of creative’s potency – a first for me at Cannes. This unique union set the brand back on the rails and landed them at a powerful insight of leaning into fan truths versus wasting time trying to convert haters. McDo chose to mine the rituals and moments of those who love the brand. They strove for a borderless insight, unshackled their agencies and encouraged risk. And the tilt is in: 78% of us now visit McDo yearly, and it is one of the top 5 most valued brands in the world. So yes, it is true. Creativity builds business. 


On with Kara Swisher – Featuring John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen took to the Palais stage with Vox Media’s Kara Swisher to talk entrepreneurship. It was a light-hearted marital spat more than a masterclass on business-building. But the Word of the Day today is “sharenting”. It’s a nod to parenting and sharing stuff about your kids on social media. There are pros and cons, depending on your kid (I speak from experience). Thank you Kara for that linguistic gem. 

SW1_8506 copy 

Four Climate Supertrends That Will Shape the Future of Creativity

The call for creative activism – is a recurring theme this year. Duncan Meisel of Clean Creatives parallels the fossil fuel industry’s knowledge of harm to society to that of big tobacco. Using Exxon and BP’s own research findings from the 1960s may well provide Gen Z what’s needed to turn the tide in the critical 5-year window ahead. Climate disruption is here, we’re living it – from wildfires, lack of snow, and rising oceans to record-breaking heat waves. Agencies pushing fossil fuel’s false agendas are vulnerable to litigation as greenwashing regulations stiffen. And Gen Z may now have the ammo needed to pressure employers to cut ties for fear of brand toxicity. We are at an inflection point. 

SW1_9150 copy

When AI Challenges and Champions Human Creativity

Open AI’s CTO Mira Murati and David Droga talked to a dominant theme this year: AI has rendered our industry into a place of enthusiasm and terror. Many, including Murati, talk about the need for safety and guardrails by policymakers and educators. It’s a naïve viewpoint – the Genie has escaped the bottle.

SW1_9234 copy

Deepak Chopra + Neuro-Insight “Minds and Machines”

Chopra talked to the digital karma of AI and how it leads to radical creativity. It was oddly soothing. He feels that access to the vast stores of knowledge of every scientific study, every philosophical theory leads you to become your own guru. In his estimation our brains are “just a piece of meat”. Consciousness is what elevates us and our ability to create. I loved this session but the guy beside me was snoring.

 SW1_9618 copy

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