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Event Recap: Ipsos Most Influential Brands of 2022 Event

Ipsos released its twelfth annual study of the Most Influential Brands in Canada at a packed event last week with hundreds of marketers gathered at The Globe Event Centre, located just minutes from Toronto’s downtown core, while hundreds more joined virtually from across Canada, and as far away as Japan, Mexico, Columbia and across the United States.

For more than a decade, Ipsos has conducted the annual Most Influential Brand study of what brands influenced Canadians the most.  The study evaluates more than 100 brands, from well-known industry players to game-changers and startups. To get the 2022 results Ipsos polled 6,700 Canadians, analyzed by region, gender and generation, encompassing Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

Within the study, there are 7 key dimensions evaluated to determine which brands have influence: Trustworthiness, Engagement, being Leading Edge, Corporate Citizenship, Presence, and new this year — Empathy and Utility — which encompass integrity, affordability, along with other factors that play a crucial role in connecting with consumers in uncertain times.

The Top 10 brands have remained relatively stable over the years, with those that are technology-focused continuing to have the most influence with Canadians, with Google and Amazon retaining their top spots. PC Optimum, the only Canadian brand in the Top 10, first debuted on the list last year at #9, moved up one spot, and whose placement is all the more impressive as the brand does not have the global scale and reach as the other Top 10 brands.

The Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada 2022:

  • Google (-)
  • Amazon (-)
  • Apple (+1)
  • YouTube (-1)
  • Netflix (+2)
  • Walmart (+4)
  • Microsoft (-1)
  • PC Optimum (+1)
  • Visa (-1)
  • Facebook (-5)

For some attending the event, Facebook’s fall to 10th place, its lowest ranking in a decade, came as no surprise with stories of younger users abandoning the platform, but the study shows the brand remains extremely popular among Gen Z, and also noted that both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are a part of daily in Canada.

As Steve Levy, the author of the Most Influential Brand Study, presented the Top 10 and how they made the list, it was evident that influence is much more than name recognition. Influential brands have to outperform their competitors, navigate setbacks and cut through the noise to connect with Canadians.

Key lessons that can be drawn from the report for marketers include the need for constant evolution, the introduction of new ideas, and offering a valuable experience to customers. Some of the major takeaways from the 2022 report are as follows:

  1. Brands need to be constantly embracing continual adaptation if they want to outperform the competition

  2. Influencer marketing is a key tool and if it isn’t already, add it to your marketing strategy

  3. Consumer digital experiences need to be pervasive, more immersive, and more personal

  4. Innovation on it’s own is not enough: brands need to create an exchange of value that is meaningful

  5. In a year of diminished consumer spending and interlocking crises, successful brands did more with less – while connecting with Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z alike

  6. Brand influence still differs by generation and leading brands are developing generational harmony

To read the complete results from the Ipsos Most Influential Brands in Canada 2022 Study, and learn how the top brands made the list, click here.

After revealing the top 10 brands, Andy Shibata, Vice President of Brand, Air Canada, delivered a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of streamlining your brand’s structure and incorporating empathy as a fundamental aspect. The past few years have demonstrated the significance of embedding this influence within your organization’s core values.

Following Andy’s Keynote, was a panel discussion that covered topics from financial climate and utility, brand purpose, generational differences, the importance of influences, and TikTok.

The panel, moderated by Carla Serrano, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis New York, and Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe, included these esteemed industry leaders: Alyssa Buetikofer, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Nicole German, Chief Marketing and Digital Experience Officer, Tangerine Bank, Bilal Jaffery, Principal, Head, Customer, AI and Experience Platforms, Accenture, Chris Stamper, SVP, Strategy Operations and Transformation, The Bay and Steve Levy, Ipsos.

Missed the virtual event? You can find the full event recording below. 

About the Study

The Most Influential Brands study was conducted in October 2022. The online survey of 6,700 Canadians was conducted using the Ipsos iSay Panel. The results are based on a sample where weighting was employed to balance demographics and ensure that the sample’s composition reflects Canada’s adult population according to Census data and results approximated to the sample universe. The precision of Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval, accurate within +/- 1.3 percentage points, had the entire population of adults in Canada been polled. All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including but not limited to coverage error and measurement error. Subscriptions to the study are available. Contact Steve Levy ( for details.

About Ipsos

Ipsos is an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals. Founded in France in 1975, Ipsos has grown into a worldwide research group with a strong presence in all key markets. Ipsos ranks fourth in the global research industry. Ipsos researchers assess market potential and interpret market trends. They develop and build brands. They help clients build long-term relationships with their customers. They test advertising and study audience responses to various media and they measure public opinion around the globe.

About Globe Media Group

Globe Media Group is the advertising division of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s premier news media company. We offer comprehensive advertising solutions through our various platforms, including Canada’s national newspaper of record, The Globe and Mail newspaper, Canada’s #1 business magazine Report on Business, The Globe Digital and Globe Alliance, a network of premium news, business and lifestyle sites, Globe Content Studio, delivering premium content marketing solutions for brands, and a state-of-the-art event and conference center. Our expertise in journalism, combined with our first-party data-driven insights and creative capabilities, enables us to deliver business results for brands across our vast ecosystem. We have an unparalleled presence in social, business, and political spheres, making The Globe a must-read for informed Canadians, and it’s also why, for smart advertisers, we’re an essential connection to more than 20 million influential Canadian consumers. Learn more about The Globe Media Group at

About Publicis Canada

Publicis Canada is one of the largest and leading communications groups in the country with over 625 employees. We harness the power of creativity and exist to create an unfair advantage for our clients by making brands relevant and meaningful to our people’s lives. Publicis Canada is part of Publicis Worldwide, one of the three worldwide advertising networks within the Publicis Groupe SA.

About the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)

The CMA’s purpose is to embolden Canadian marketers to make a powerful impact on business in Canada. We provide opportunities for our members from coast to coast to develop professionally, to contribute to marketing thought leadership, to build strong networks, and to strengthen the regulatory climate for business success. Our Chartered Marketer (CM) designation signifies that recipients are highly qualified and up to date with best practices, as reflected in the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards. We represent virtually all of Canada’s major business sectors, and all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. Our Consumer Centre helps Canadians better understand their rights and obligations.

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