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Cannes Lions 2023: Day 4 Wrap-Up

In this edition:

  • The purpose paradox
  • Battle of the Young Lions
  • The Big C campaign
  • Will AI steal your job?
  • Standout session

How purpose effectively fuels creativity

The concept of purpose in marketing has been a topic of debate, but Cadbury’s successful campaign at Cannes proved that purpose-driven marketing can drive performance. By focusing on spreading generosity and connecting with customers on a deeper level, Cadbury attracted 40 million new customers and added $1.4 billion in retail sales value. Adapting purpose-driven messaging to cultural contexts and leading with compassion are also essential for creating meaningful connections and impactful campaigns. Meticulous planning and understanding the human experience are key factors in crafting compelling purpose-driven marketing initiatives that leave a lasting impact.

A toast to Canada’s Young Lions

Capturing a moment of celebration at La Pizza Cresci, a popular hotspot by the scenic Cannes harbour. This photo showcases the annual lunch hosted by The Globe and Mail, honouring the 10 Canadian Young Lions winners. Joined by members of the Canadian Cannes Advisory Board, it’s a moment to unwind, connect and toast to the success of these talented individuals.

Earlier this week, the Young Lions competition unfolded. After a judging process that commenced yesterday, the winners will be unveiled on Friday morning.

Erasing the stigma of cancer at work

Imagine a world where cancer is no longer a taboo topic at work, where individuals battling this disease can openly share their experiences without fear or judgment. Now, the creative world has the chance to make this vision a reality. Publicis Group’s award-winning campaign, ‘Working with Cancer,’ invites you to help end the stigma of cancer at work.

Will AI kill your job or supercharge your creativity?

OpenAI’s DALL·E and other AI tools are shaping the future of creativity. Brad Lightcap of OpenAI sees AI as a means to enhance creativity, diversify ideas, and accelerate the creative process. While addressing concerns about job displacement, OpenAI remains committed to responsible development and setting limits for AI systems. Lightcap is optimistic about AI’s potential to accomplish extraordinary feats and fulfill its promises, such as finding cures for diseases and tackling global challenges. The discussion underscored the transformative role of AI in creativity and the importance of responsible implementation.

Standout session: Pinterest and the broken internet

Social media was intended to connect and inspire, but it has instead become divisive and distracting. The negative impact on mental health, especially among Gen Z, is a pressing concern. During a session at Cannes Lions, Pinterest’s CEO and CMO, Bill Ready and Andréa Mallard, emphasized the industry’s responsibility to fix the broken internet.

Excessive social media use has led to alarming consequences. Since the smartphone era began in 2010, in-person interactions among teens have been replaced by online engagement, resulting in rising rates of depression, suicide, anxiety and more. Social media algorithms exacerbate the problem by prioritizing negative emotions and maximizing view time, contributing to an addictive and emotionally draining experience.

Change is imperative and the industry must lead the way. The Inspired Internet Pledge unites tech companies and professionals to create a healthier and kinder digital space. The pledge emphasizes tuning for well-being, listening to user insights, and committing to openness in sharing positive well-being outcomes. By prioritizing emotional well-being, involving users in design, and redefining success beyond view time, we can transform social media into a platform that truly inspires and uplifts.

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