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2022 Canadian Young Lions Competition Winners

Canada’s best young creative and marketing stars were revealed at the end of the CMDC Leadership virtual summit held earlier today.

Over the weekend of February 26 to February 28, 2022, working in teams of two, 448 entrants competed to be crowned as Canada’s best in one of five categories: Digital, Film, Print, Media or Marketers.

Modeled after the Cannes Global Young Lions Competition, Marketers and Media entrants receive a brief and have to complete the challenge for their respective category within a 24-or 48-hour time period.

The Competition jury chairs select the non-profit charity and the chosen charity selected this year was Youth Mental Health Canada (YMHC), a community-based, youth-led, non-profit based organization in Hamilton, Ontario. They support a proactive and hands-on approach to addressing the issues of mental health for Canadian youth. Their focus is on youth, family, and community engagement for mental health education, support, advocacy, and change.

Competition submission entries were judged by an esteemed panel of industry leaders, led by returning jury chairs Mary Maddever, EVP, Editorial Director, Brunico (Digital, Film, Print), Cathy Collier, CEO, OMD Canada (Media) and Susan Irving, CMO, Kruger Products L.P. (Marketers).

The medal winners for 2022 Canadian Young Lions Competitions are:


Gold – Benefits that Benefit Others

  • Reena Feldman, Copywriter, FCB Canada
  • Erika Jee, Art Director, FCB Canada

Silver – Rate this Call 

  • Geneviève Jetté, Copywriter, lg2
  • Tyran Trieu, Art Director, lg2

Bronze – Unlock Me

  • Kennedy Choi, Art Director, Rethink
  • Jenai Kershaw, Copywriter, Rethink


Gold – The Audition

  • Félix-Antoine Belleville, Copywriter, lg2
  • Zacharie Turgeon, Freelance Director, lg2

Silver – Unfinished Stories

  • Maxine Hood, Assistant Editor, Sid Lee
  • Mac Thomson, Assistant Editor, Sid Lee

Bronze – Jenny’s Life

  • Émile Lavoie, Director / Conceptor, Colossale
  • Camille Mongeau, Freelance, Conceptor and Copywriter


Gold – The Offline Network

  • Caroline Sierra-Bornais, Senior Art Director, Grey Canada
  • Shirley Yushkov, Senior Copywriter, Grey Canada

Silver – 6 Feet Closer

  • Charles Caboche, Art Director, TAXI
  • Amy Flores, Art Director, TAXI

Bronze – Mental Health Facts

  • Emma Laberge, Art Director, Rethink
  • Laurent Tremblay, Copywriter, Rethink


Gold – Mental Engine Check

  • Tristan Bonnot-Parent, Data Analyst Assistant, Cossette Media
  • Anastasiya Matuk, Media Design Assistant, Cossette Media

Silver – Bridging the gap

  • Eileen Bui, Assistant Digital Strategist, OMD
  • Camilo Trujillo Sanchez, Digital Supervisor, OMD

Bronze – Mental Art

  • André-Félix Barriault, Digital Supervisor, Omnicom Media Group
  • Alexandra Cloutier, Digital Associate Director, Omnicom Media Group


Gold – Gatorade Be Like

  • Omar Elmezaini, Marketing Manager – Mtn Dew & 7up, PepsiCo Beverages Canada
  • Kush Gandhi, Marketing Manager – Miss Vickie’s, Smartfood, Sun Chips, PepsiCo Foods Canada

Silver – McDonald’s Happier Meal

  • Matt Bissonnette, Marketing Analytics Manager, McDonald’s Canada
  • Lily Shui, National Marketing Consultant, McDonald’s Canada

Bronze – Open One Up with Budweiser

  • Melisa Bayrav, Senior Brand Manager, Corona & Modelo, Labatt/AB Inbev
  • Michelle Skea, Senior Brand Manager, Stella Artois, Labatt Breweries of Canada


To see the winning work please visit

“The Canadian competition is a chance for us to collectively profile our next generation of talent and give them a once-in-a life time experience that will be hugely rewarding, and could change their career forever,” said Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, Advertising at The Globe and Mail, “We are fully committed to supporting the marketing and advertising community in Canada and it is important for us to champion innovation and creativity every year. The competition is fierce and it’s exciting to be able to highlight that talent on the global stage for the world to see.”

In addition to being crowned as Canada’s best, Gold winning teams go on to compete in the virtual Global Young Lions Competition taking place from May 16 – June 7, 2022, where they will compete against some of the most creative teams from all over the world.

As the Competition Sponsor, The Globe and Mail awards a prize per Gold winning team, which includes the registration fees for the virtual Global Young Lions Competition, delegate passes to attend the five-day International Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity from June 20 to 24, 2022, the largest gathering in the creative community, and the cost of flights and accommodation.

To view the profiles of this year’s competition jurors please visit

For complete eligibility criteria and competition guidelines, refer to the Official Rules and Regulations.

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